Photo Cropping - How do I frame or crop my photos

Keona-BokehSharp-CropMarks.jpgThere are two reasons (for me) to crop a shot:

  1. To hide things you don't want in the shot. ie: background people, flash stands, etc...
  2. To bring more of an aesthetic to the shot.

So How do I choose to crop my photos?

When I choose to crop my beauty shots, I look for big blank areas, that is, areas that show nothing different in the entire area.

First lets look at this image, I shot it wider so I can write this up. I would normally crop this a little tighter. Keona-BokehSharp-NoCrop.jpg

In this image I would like to start off at the bottom of the image, as this is what sticks out the most to me.

If you look at the arm pit area, you do not see the arm pits, but you do see a sneak peek at the crease. This is not good, you do not want to show something peeking out. Either show it or do not show it.

So to begin, I would cut this part off, as in this shot marked in red at the bottom of the image.


Well, then I would look at the big blank, bare in this case of the chest area below the collar bone. Also outlined in red in the photo below.


This area does not really change as we crop it upwards. The only change I am seeing is the gradual angle of glitter/makeup on the left side of the chest on the left. If I go to high, I will lose this, so I stopped here.

Now lets take a look at the top of the photo, there is some black space, so that can get cropped out.

What about her head? There really is no change in her hair from the top of the head to half way into it.


If I go to low cropping the top, then it will cut into her forehead, then I will be losing part of the hair. So I just go down low enough where nothing really changes.

And here is the final crop, with the sides cropped to keep the aspect ratio.


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