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Samys Photo School Lookbook Fashion eCom photography is Advertising Photography, and is predominantly used to sell a product.

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This means that the lighting, the styling and the background are usually very plain and generaly shot in front of a white or off white background.

The images you produce will be the clients assets, and will have more use and value than an artistic shot with colored backaground and sophisticated lighting.

When shooting eCom for a client, it is best to use a white background. With this type of shot, the images can easily be used for websites, online sales, as well as printed catalogs and marketing materials.

Following the basic principals outlined in this workshop, you will be able to setup, direct your models, and be able to shoot an entire catalog in a half to full day. bgexpose.jpg By setting up as shown here, your post processing will also be drasticaly reduced, as the lighting will produce an even white background. You will no longer have to adjust 100+ photos before delivering to you clients.

Michael will walk you through the process from setting up the backdrop, balancing the lighting, lens selection to actualy shooting. Amy Guo will give some quick tips on giving direction to your makeup artist as well as some tips about telling your models how to pose, more importatly, how to keep the shoot moving fast with the model.

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