Lens Compression Comparison

Lens selection is not always about framing your shot, as I had also talked about int another article: Field of View, Choosing a long lens or a wide lens.

Sometimes you want to compress or expand your background.


In the example picture above, the model, Lola Reyes is about the same size, (I did my best to frame her) as shot with different lens settings.

The key areas to notice in this shot are:

  • Building - Gets closer
  • Trash Can / Bus Bench - Comes into view
  • Shadow under her feet - Gets smaller
  • Man facing left in last shot - He is actually a block away waiting at the street light

Now there are the same effects when you shoot portraits. You are compressing or expanding the surrounding areas, in the case of a portrait, this is the ears, nose, hair, cheekbones, shoulders. I did an article on this: Portrait Lens Selection

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Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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