C-Stand vs Light Stand for Photography

It looks like everyone is using a C-Stand, but rarely do people know why.

Far to many people often buy what everyone else buys instead of deciding what they should buy to make their workflow better.


C-Stand aka Grip Stand
Primarily used to position light modifiers in front of light sources
  • Such as silks, nets, or flags.
  • Can be used with grip arm
  • Monotlights on a grip arm can be dangerous
  • Use a boom arm for overhead lighting
  • Easy to stack and transport
  • Mostly used on movie/tv sets
Light Stand
Primary designed to hold lights
  • A lot of variations available
  • Higher end stands can be used with grip arm
  • Higher end stands can use a boom arm
  • Mostly used in photogrpahy studio and location
  • Do not rack and stack like C-Stands



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Mike Bradley

Author: Mike Bradley

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