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My Studio Gear

This is a simple list of the gear that I use in my studio.

This is not a review, but a list of items I use. I have provided this list as often people who visit my studio or take my workshops would like to use the same equipment.


My Tether Cart

I use a mobile workbench vs the portable dolly/tether carts

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Tether Tools Active Extension

I prefer an active extension vs a standard cable and here is why...

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Matthews Stands - My workhorse stands

My main workhorse stands in the studio

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Kupo Grip Arm 40 inch

Grip Arm, used to hold lights and muslin and other stuff

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Black Muslin - Blocking reflection and ambient light

Blocking some light with muslin

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Godox AD600BM - My key light and my Location Light

A gread battery powered strobe. I basicaly have two configurations of this light, one for my paras and the standard for my location work.

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General Purpose Light Stands

The PBL light stands are my general purpose light stands. I have had no issue putting a 7ft umberella on one of these stands.

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Fotodiox Parabolic Softbox - 80in (200cm)

By Far my Studio Favorite The one I use Fotodiox Parabolic Softbox - 80in (200cm) with Bowens Speedring for Bowens, Calumet, Interfit and Compatible Lights - Silver Reflective Interior with Double Diffusion Panels  

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Foldable Beauty Dishes

I use 3 main foldable beauty dishes  

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Godox AD600 Bulb Extension

I use the following on my AD600 This is used to extend the bulb out past the Bowens mount to allow better fill into the modifier. I use this with beauty dishes and mostly my parabolics.

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